The province of Parma


The province of Parma  extends from the ridge of the Apennines to the Po and its natural environment is extremely various and composite: areas bordering of the Po river, the plains, the hills surrounding Parma-Piacenza, the mountain of Parma-Piacenza, the Apennines.

Along the Po there are the floodplains characterized by poplar groves which alternate  areas of natural interest , such as the Woods of Maria Luigia in Torricella or the natural reserve of Parma Morta. This latter owes its name to a branch of the river abandoned after the diversion of the waters of Parma creek

directly in the river Po, thus giving rise to a wetland of extraordinary biodiversity.

The geographical environment of the plains is multifaceted and fascinating: there is the traditional landscape of “piantata”, now almost entirely disappeared for  leave space to the  forage crops for the production of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese; They are of great natural interest the flood plains among  the rivers Taro and Enza, such as the oasis Lipu “Knight of Italy” or the Regional Park of Stirone and the River Park Taro Regional. The Park of the Woods of Carrega  protects an wide  area of wooded hills and some precious architectural jewels such as the “Casino de’ Boschi”. The hills surrounding Parma-Piacenza occupy the foothills of the Apennines and are separated by wide floodplains; on these natural balconies there are some of the most important castles of Parma; among these hills is widespread the phenomenon of thermal waters.

The mountain of Parma-Piacenza, which  alternates its picturesque valleys with the  ridges, offers a unique vegetation cover ranging from natural forests of beech trees and conifers at the arable crops until the prairies and moors of altitude. The heart of the western part of Parma is the nature reserve of Mount Prinzera, a relief in volcanic rock that has a ”moonlike”  appearance,   where a rare fauna has found its natural habitat. The reserve is located along the route of the Via Francigena, an ancient route of medieval pilgrimage, where you can found charming witnesses of the ancient churches of Fornovo and Bardone.

The Apennines have a huge quantity of small lakes of glacial origin and are dominated by almost entirely beech wood forests, that open also in pastures and heaths. Unique and enchanted landscapes are protected by the Cento Laghi Park where you can enjoy a landscape still unspoilt where man and nature live in an idyllic symbiosis .




Esperti del turismo Eno-Gastronomico della “Food Valley”

L’idea di fondare la Parma Travel Food nasce dal desiderio di condividere con altri alcune passioni coltivate nel tempo per la buona cucina, il buon vino e per i prodotti alimentari della propria terra. La conoscenza del territorio parmense, delle sue piccole realtà produttive a conduzione familiare e della ristorazione tradizionale, che ancora produce interamente da sé i propri tesori culinari, formano una combinazione d’esperienze che Parma Travel Food mette a disposizione di quanti siano alla ricerca di cose autentiche, belle e buone.