Suggestions for groups

These packages are designed for groups who love the return to ancient traditions and the rhythms  slow and cadenced of farms in which today the  Parmigiano Reggiano, the   Parma ham,  the Balsamic Vinegar  and the  Culatello are produced with old craftsmanship. In the background  there is the artistic and cultural history of Parma and its Duchy , of Giuseppe Verdi and Parmigianino.


 PARMA, city of the UNESCO

  Proposal  n°1 € 55.00 for person

  • h. 08.00 Meeting at dairy during the  milk processing  with a guide  who will explain the procedures   of  manufacture of  Parmigiano Reggiano cheese  PDO. Visit  to the various  environments of  the dairy: from tubs of salting to  the storage warehouses. Will follow  a tasting tour of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.
  • h. 11.00 Visit in a Wine cellar with guide and tasting of  4 chalices of  “Colli di Parma” PDO.
  • h. 13.00 Tasting  lunch. The restaurant is connected at one of more prestigious producer of salted pork of the “Bassa” of  Parma, where the Corte dei Salumi is managed  by the skilfull work of the “norcino” (maker of pork meat). In the establishment  there is also  a workshop for artisanal production  of the pasta.
  • Will follow  visit of the processing room and the natural cellar  for  maturing of the Culatello.


The price includes : one guide available for the whole day; tasting: Parmigiano Reggiano cheese 24-32 month; 4 glasses ” Colli di Parma ” P.D.O.; cutting board of culatello and a mix of cold cuts; Lunch with a full menu.


Tradition, history and tastes. Two steps in the city

        proposal n°2  € 75.00 for person

  • 09.00: Meeting at Duomo Square:  visit the Cathedral and the Baptistery
  • 10.30: the history of the Italian theater starting from the jewel of the Pilotta: the Farnese theater. On the stages of the Regio theater, the echoes of the most famous arie in the world.
  • 13.00: visit one of the prestigious  Parma Ham producers, where it will be  possible to taste one of  the most famous Italian products in the world. Tasting lunch:  starter of  mixed charcuterie  and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese; first course chosen from three local dishes : Tortelli alla parmigiana (fresh pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach beet), Pasta at Parma ham,  Anolini with cream and ham; bread, water, wine and    home made sweets.
  • 15.30: visit and tasting at Wine Cellar, for discover the wines of the PDO  “Colli di Parma”.



The price includes: Pullman for the entire journey. Lunch tasting  at the producer of salted pork: starter of mixed charcuterie and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese; first course chosen from three local dishes,bread,water,wine,home sweets. Tasting of 4 wines at the wine cellar